House Heating

Home Heating is one the highest costs of living facing homeowners today. As the prices of traditional heating fuels continue to rise, it will become more and more expensive to heat our homes and keep them comfortably warm during the fall and winter months. Solar Radiant Heating Systems are an incredible way to cut your home heating bills by using Solar Heated Water to heat your home. These systems can integrate into nearly all existing heating systems, including In-Floor Radiant Heating, Baseboard Radiant Heating and Forced Hot Air, making them extremely easy and quick to install.

About 50% of annual heating costs can be saved, limited by the higher heat needed for house heat. With payback in less than 7 years, our Evacuated 30 Tube Solar Collectors produce an average of 42,000 BTU’s per day each under a bright sunny sky, and 9,000,000 BTU’s per year in the mid latitudes. This system can also be used with an Air to Water Heat Exchanger for forced air heat.

Here is an example of a solar house heating system using a storage tank for baseboard heating: apt-solar-heat1

Here is an example of a solar house heating system using a heat exchanger:


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