Solar Evacuated Tubes

Evacuated “Heat Pipe” Tube Solar Collectors are useful in every climate and location, they are happy down to -30 Degrees F.  The vacuum sealed tube is freeze proof, maintaining temperatures of over 250 degrees inside while the outside temperature is freezing. This outstanding performance in colder climates give Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors a decided advantage over Flat Plate Solar Collectors in mid to northern locations.


SOLAR KEYMARK – The Quality Label for Solar Thermal Products in Europe–

In the sunny middle of the country, one of our Solar Evacuated ” Heat Pipe” Tube Panels will produce an average 9,000,000 Btu’s per year, mid latitude,  at an initial panel cost of $38 per Sq Ft.


In the sunny middle of the country, one Sq Ft of our Solar Flat Panels will produce an average of 294,000 Btu’s per year at an initial panel cost of $32 per Sq Ft.  On a bright Fall or Spring day they will produce  1,418  Btu’s per Sq Ft per day. If you are in an area where near or below freezing temps are normal for the heating months, then  Solar Flat Panels will not produce enough energy to match the Evacuated tubes and will be less efficient.  Solar ” Heat Pipe” Evacuated Tubes would be the proper and more efficient Solar Panels for that climate.


Evacuated Tube Panels are more efficient in warm to sub-freezing climates, as they are not affected by outside air temperature or cold wind,  and absorb available sunlight from 360 degrees.


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